Meet Luigi; therapy dog in training

Dr van Zwanenberg is in the process of training Luigi, (Wigi for short). The aim is that Wigi will become a therapy dog. He is finding it tricky though and he still has quite a few lessons to go. He struggles at times to pass his exams but he is determined he will get there in the end! He does get lots of treats for effort!

Wigi really helps Dr van Zwanenberg on zoom consultations too. So many young people, who might have felt a little bit nervous at first, relax when they meet Wigi. They often ask to see him each time they speak to Dr van Zwanenberg and they like to hear his progress. Dr van Zwanenberg loves young people to bring their pets into the zoom calls too and it often really engages young people being able to do so. Check in here for further updates as Wigi makes progress.