About Dr van Zwanenberg

Dr van Zwanenberg qualified from Nottingham Medical School in 1999. She has always been interested in psychiatry and joined a training rotation specifically for psychiatry in 2004. She completed her specialist training on the Oxford rotation and then was appointed the consultant for the Oxford Child and Adolescent assertive outreach, dialectical behavioral therapy, and crisis team. She worked intensively with outpatients that were difficult to engage or who required intensive input to prevent hospital admission.

In 2012 Dr van Zwanenberg joined The Priory Group (the largest provider of independent mental health care in the UK). Initially, she was working as a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist for the adolescent inpatients on their acute adolescent inpatient unit and their high dependency unit in Birmingham. Shortly after joining the Priory Group, she was promoted to become the Medical Director of the Woodbourne Priory Hospital in Birmingham. Subsequently, Dr van Zwanenberg was requested to additionally provide Medical Directorship to the Nottingham Priory Hospital. In 2016 Dr van Zwanenberg took on the additional responsibility of being The Priory Group’s Clinical Director for their national outpatient clinics (Priory Wellbeing Centres). In January 2017 she retained responsibility for their private outpatient and inpatient services while also being promoted to the Group Associate Medical Director for Priory Group and Partnerships in Care and becoming their Responsible Officer. In 2019 Dr van Zwanenberg made the decision to focus purely on her private outpatient clinic and her medical consultancy business.

Additionally, Dr van Zwanenberg has been a specialist advisor for the Care Quality Commission which monitors standards of health and social care services.

Dr van Zwanenberg is also involved in providing expert opinion to national and international press and she has been quoted or asked to write analysis or blogs in many national and international papers which include The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Express, The Huffington Post, The New Zealand Herald, The New York Times and papers in Indonesia and Taiwan.

Below are all the written comments from her feedback from recent young people who have been seen by her in her clinic:

  • Dr Hayley is the only doctor that we trust to help us with our daughter’s mental health; more importantly, our daughter also trusts her. She genuinely cares. She talks to her, understands her and engages with her and us. She quickly identifies the problem and suggests realistic, pro active plans to tackle the particular issues at hand. She is always available for us to contact by phone and email (no matter how small the problem) and has telephoned us during the day and sometimes in the evening when the situation requires it. As parents, we have at times really struggled but she always manages to reassure us and we feel very lucky to have her as our doctor.
  • Dr Hayley probably saved my son’s life. A great Doctor.
  • Dr Hayley took an impressive amount of care in advance of our initial assessment appointment, to evaluate our son’s situation from many angles. We felt listened to and reassaured by her suggestions of strategies to help manage his symptoms. My son commented after the appointment that “She was vey kind and understood me”. We have also appreciated her quick responses to our questions outside of the appointment itself
  • When dealing with a person with mental illness it is essential that the patient feels that they are being believed by the Doctor who provides the treatment. Dr van Zwanenberg is able to build trust and rapport and is sympathetic, understanding and non judgmental in her approach.
  • Hayley has always been very accessible and helpful if we’ve needed to contact her between appointments.
  • Without Doctor Hayley I am certain I would not be alive today and she has been a massive help to me and my family.
  • She is very helpful
  • She is so kind and supportive
  • Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg is a very good doctor
  • Very friendly and helpful.
  • Brilliant Doctor, I gave up and Dr Hayley picked me back up and got be back to myself. I feel like she actually cares and respects what I say.
  • Dr Hayley saved me from suicide and helped me turn my life around. She is the best!
  • Dr Hayley has been very good for my daughter – she has been kind, caring and has explained her condition to us very well. My daughter was really poorly but is now well on the way to a good recovery thanks to Dr Hayley’s treatment and care.
  • Van Zwanenberg was able to see us much more quickly than we had expected for which we were very grateful, and we were touched by the level of care and personal attention we and our son were afforded when we met. The speed, depth and quality of the written follow up was impressive, too.
  • Very happy with the service Dr Hayley has provided.
  • Very good doctor.
  • Thank you, I am very grateful for your professional, committed and caring approach that underpins your clients’ healing of minds, developing self-confidence and sustainable growth as autonomous individuals in becoming. I hope you recognise you save lives and give hope with your calm faith that your clients will, and do get better.